Clean & Simple x2

Happy Monday! This week's Clean & Simple sketch caught my attention right away. I really liked this sketch, so I made a card by hand AND I made a card in My Digital Studio *big smile*

Here's the sketch:

Here's my "real" card:

Here's my digital card:

...and the inside:

Yay! That was so much fun! Hope you have a lovely Monday!


My Digital Studio Card

Whoa! It's been a week! Amazing how time flies sometimes!

For today's card, I decided I'd try my hand with My Digital Studio, Stampin' Up!'s brand new digital scrapbooking/card-making software. I've made a few scrapbook pages with my software, but I hadn't yet made a card. When I saw this past week's Mojo Monday sketch, I was disappointed because it featured a large circle...and you all know how I really don't like circles--they are hardly ever perfect! :-) After my initial disappointment wore off (and it took all week *wink*), I realized that I could just use My Digital Studio and make a computer-perfect circle! Yay! What a solution!

Here's the sketch:

And my very first digital card:

Whoo hoo! Yay for me! It's nothing special--I basically just followed the sketch exactly--but it was fun nevertheless! I know there are TONS of things I can do with my software, I just haven't had time to sit down and really play with it. Hopefully I'll have some more time in the coming weeks and be able to make some more digital creations to share with you all!

For now, I'm going to go outside and enjoy the beautiful weather we've been having in Chi-City (the highs for the next 10 days are all above 40 degrees!! I can practically put my coat away! ...just kidding)